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CINC vs The Rest

Unlike other property management software products, CINC was designed from the ground up to be Web based. That’s why it offers you superior freedom and flexibility – with a range of benefits like 24/7 access to all of your business features and processes, even for people working remotely. And you have the scalability to grow and change with your growing business needs without the need for costly new software upgrades or additional staff.

One log in. Many features.

CINC puts at your fingertips a range of integrated features designed to help you to do your job more accurately in less time than ever before:

  • Automated collections
  • Automated assessment billing
  • Automated billing statements
  • Automated violation fining
  • Automated general ledger entries
  • Group report feature
  • Integrated invoice imaging
  • iPad app for violations and work orders
  • Integrated association websites

A variety of modules and services to accommodate your changing needs.

You can grow your system to meet your changing needs by using any or all of these modules as you need them:

Management Module.

Handle your corporate accounting and billing directly in CINC. Automatically track all items generated in the system – including collection letters, late fees, violation correspondence and more – so you can bill your associations. Bill management fees and ancillary (addendum) fees at the click of a button. The integrated call log tracks each call and time spent with each homeowner, vendor or association so you can provide the details to association board members.

Collections Module.

This module automates collections based on each association’s rules. It lets you automatically track, report and escalate collections. It reduces manual effort and removes subjective manual reviews for greater consistency and increased cash flow for the associations.

Document Imaging.

Go paperless! Centralized document storage lets you attach documents to homeowners, vendors and associations with the click of a button. Attach external documents to monthly board packages and automatically generate welcome packages to new homeowners.

Accounting Services.

Outsource your administrative accounting to us, and we’ll process your receivables, payables, bank account reconciliations, month-end processing and re-sales. Our staff are CINC experts who use best practices to create the greatest efficiencies. This allows us to offer you competitive pricing and reduce your headaches so that you provide quality service to your clients in return.

Violations Module.

Spend less time on violations. This module generates violation letters, with custom template options, and tracks homeowners’ related correspondence. It also enables escalation of a violation and automatic fine assessment.

CINC Manager+ (for iPads).

An app created for iPads, this module lets you collect on-site data with your iPad. Take photos, create, escalate and close violations, write and manage work orders on-site – and this module will automatically integrate the data in real time into CINC. It will even let homeowners view their violations through their CINC website.


Get a real competitive edge by offering your associations customizable websites fully integrated with CINC. Streamline your client communications by providing homeowners and board members with real-time online access to important information through their websites:

  • Association documents, financials and newsletters
  • Account status
  • Credit card and e-check payments (with participating management companies)
  • Work order submission and tracking
  • Community directories
  • Association calendars
  • Customized broadcast emails and messages
  • ACC/ARC submission and tracking
  • Review of violations assessed to properties
  • Association photo galleries
  • Board/committee member pages with aging reports, open violations reports, accounts receivable, collection information and invoice review/approval