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Ten questions to ask before you consider a change.

Selecting software to manage your associations is a huge commitment. So, before you commit, ask potential suppliers these ten important questions about the product they are offering:

  • Is it cloud (Internet) based or server based?
  • Does it offer all the features you need to manage your business, or must you run different systems for different functions?
  • Is it scalable, or does it require costly updates to accommodate your company’s changing needs?
  • How well does it integrate with other suppliers you need to run your business?
  • Does it offer association websites that your clients’ homeowners can use to make payments and access their accounts and unpaid balances?
  • Can it integrate your accounting and management with your banking and payment processing?
  • How does the company decide what enhancements to make in the system?
  • Does it provide for real-time functionality across all of your properties?
  • Does it offer daily account reconciliation?
  • What is your upfront investment, including hardware, conversion costs and training costs?

After you’ve asked other vendors these questions, we invite you to ask us!