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Association Management Software

Let others tell you the AI difference.

“CINC/AI has contributed to the growth and improvement of our business by enabling us to focus on our clients’ needs rather than spending our time manually doing violation letters, collection letters and reconciliations.”
R. S., Florida management company client
“Since implementing CINC, we have saved the equivalent of at least six FTE’s salaries each year. We’ve also benefited from savings in captured revenue and other efficiencies that are just too many to accurately quantify.”
Derek Greene, CFM, CMCA, AMS, President and CEO, Community Association Management
“CINC offers online access to our employees, even in the field, as well as homeowners and board members, who get the added benefit of complete transparency of all management functions.”
Michael Crew, Homeowner Management Services Inc., Atlanta, GA
“Before we chose CINC/AI, we reviewed in detail every management software program on the market. We chose CINC/AI because of its superior automated accounting efficiencies, its banking interface and its user-friendly operation.”
Mike Stonestreet, CAMS (Community Association Management Services)
Association Management Software