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Association Accounting Software

In accomplishing our mission and vision, we strive to live up to the highest principles in everything we do.

Our mission:

To provide transformational technology and services for the community association industry, redefining the way our clients and partners do business.

Our vision:

To become the industry standard for management companies who want to grow and lead within their market through integrated technology solutions.

Our core principles:

We promise to help you manage and grow your association management company efficiently and affordably. To reach that goal, we are committed to the following principles day in and day out:


We provide integrated solutions built on the collaboration of teams of people who share the common goal of facilitating the growth and success of your association management company. So, we have built our business on partnerships with you – our clients, our integration partners, our business partners, the community association industry and our own people. To give you the greatest benefit of these partnerships, we promise to respect and honor the goals, expertise and contributions of all of our partners.


Though it may take many forms, security is a promise we make to all of our partners. To our clients and our partners, we promise a secure product that includes integrity of everyone’s data and processes, including access. To our team members, we promise respect for their expertise and ideas, which are the foundation for the growth of both our company and our industry. We encourage all of them to share their ideas at any time without fear.


Innovation is the heart and soul of our business, and we promise never to stop innovating. We update our software regularly based on feedback from all of our partners. We are always receptive to new ideas from everyone, including our clients, our partners, industry experts and our team members.

To encourage innovation, we cultivate a milestone-driven culture, in which we expect consistent innovation and progress. We foster open communication with our clients, partners and team members so we can ensure that our products and services meet each stakeholder’s current and future needs. No matter how superior our products are today, we understand that to maintain their advantage, they must evolve to meet new and changing needs.


Our primary responsibility is to serve you, your clients, our integration partners, our industry and, yes, our own team members. We are committed to serving by:

  • Enhancing our products so that they can provide greater benefit
  • Training our staff and clients to enhance their skills
  • Demonstrating respect and kindness in our service
  • Investing in the community association industry through sponsorships and contributing toward industry best practices

Demonstrated teamwork.

Our team members partner with one another to facilitate and contribute to the growth and success of your business as well as the growth and success of CINC Systems. We invest in training and development so that we have the skills necessary to serve all of our partners, both external and internal. Simply said, “Our team has each other’s backs.”

Our people demonstrate and foster trust among one another so that we may ensure we continue to earn the trust of both our clients and our other partners. We are honest and respectful with one another and approach our work with integrity, in which our actions are consistent with our words.

Association Accounting Software