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Association Accounting Software

Combine your management, accounting and banking for a total solution.

For the ultimate in association management software, you can have CINC and AI integrated into one seamless management, accounting and banking solution that we call CINC + AI. Manage your business and do your banking all through a single portal. One login gives you access to your entire business – accessible from your office, association board meetings or homeowner locations – any time, from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

Manage your entire business with one integrated system.

CINC + AI lets you manage your growing company without growing your staff. Imagine daily reconciliation of all of your accounts with just the click of a button. No more manual entries! No more endless man-hours spent performing them! This is just one of the ways you’ll save time and money when you run your association management company with CINC + AI. Once you have our system in place, you can put more time into doing the things you want to do because our system will handle the rest.

Here are some of the functions and services available to you, all in one system, when you run your business with CINC + AI:

Lockbox Processing.

  • Your own P.O. box address with validation and exclusion lists.
  • Item processing: We match your received checks so you don’t have to.
  • Exception processing: We relieve you of this burden by handling the 30% of payments that must go through exception processing. No coupon? No account number? No problem.
  • Check image archiving: We provide an online warehouse of lockbox check and coupon images integrated into CINC so that they’re stored on individual homeowners’ transaction histories for quick, easy access.
  • Automatic import into CINC: We retrieve and import your lockbox data directly into your management software so it’s ready for you when you need it.

ACH Generation and Integration.

  • Aggregate totals: By combining payment types, we create deposits for your associations that match the posting method you use within CINC to allow for automated reconciliation.
  • ACH generation: AI lets you set up homeowners for automatic drafts of their association dues from their bank accounts.

Bank Statements.

  • PDF generation: AI works with your partner bank to provide PDF bank statements with check images.
  • Delivery: The PDF statements will go into your CINC monthly queue for each association.
  • Integration into other reports: The PDF statements can be rolled into monthly board reports and published to your association websites for online accessibility.

Bank Transactions.

  • Cleared bank transactions: Every night, AI receives all transactions that have cleared your bank. When you initiate the automated reconciliation feature, AI matches each cleared transaction against a corresponding checkbook transaction from CINC for automatic daily reconciliation.
  • Check images: View accounts payable check images from your bank transaction history (if your partner bank offers this service).
  • Interest posting: AI automatically posts interest transactions into your CINC checkbook with corresponding GL entries and then matches them for reconciliation.
  • Daily account ending balances: No more manual bank reconciliations because AI automatically imports account ending balances daily into CINC. This lets you perform reconciliation reviews whenever you want without having to enter statement ending balances.

Remote Deposit Capture.

  • Onsite check scanners: Check scanners are provided for use at your office locations that receive checks.
  • Various types of check processing: The remote deposit capture system can process all kinds of checks – including normal homeowner payments, miscellaneous checks, closing and bankruptcy checks – and integrates them all into CINC.
  • Check images storage: The remote capture system stores all check images in CINC for future reference.

Additional Banking Features.

  • Fund transfers: Create a single entry in CINC to transfer funds from one bank account to another and bypass Internet banking. AI handles it for you automatically.
  • Returns: AI automatically documents check returns. Once posted, they will stay with the homeowner’s accounts.
  • Positive pay: AI can create a daily positive pay file for your partner bank. See our partner banks.

Only CINC + AI gives you all of this in one seamless system. If you are looking for a total solution that automates and integrates your management, accounting and banking, then CINC + AI is your answer.

Association Accounting Software