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Association Management Software

The only association accounting and property management system you’ll ever need.

CINC is a fully integrated cloud-based association accounting and property management software system. Designed specifically to meet the total needs of management companies like yours, CINC offers comprehensive financial management with enhanced user features that automate and professionalize many of your most time-consuming daily tasks.

Better by design.

CINC’s property management software was designed from the ground up to reside and operate in the cloud (the Internet), rather than on a server, with a very high degree of integration and automation.

As a result, CINC offers you unbeatable advantages:

  • Superior accessibility. Because all your information is in the cloud, you and your staff can access and manage your business via the Internet from anywhere, anytime. It’s all there whenever you need it. No expensive hardware required.
  • Superior flexibility. Integrate your CINC management and accounting system with any number of other systems and partners – from banking to printing. One login gives you access to everything.
  • Superior scalability. Add features and functions as you grow without having to change software or add manpower. Grow your business with the people you have. No matter how your company grows, CINC is the association management software you’ll never outgrow.
  • Superior affordability. Invest in CINC and grow your system as your business grows without draining your budget with expensive upgrades. No need to invest in expensive servers either. Add on additional features or modules and pay as you go under the applicable monthly subscription fee based on use.

A family of association property management products designed to grow with you.

Choose the CINC product or products that are right for you today. Add more later.


If you’ve outgrown your current property management and accounting system, go with CINC for fully integrated property management and accounting.

To learn more about CINC, please click here.

CINC + AI Partner Banking.

If you want a comprehensive system that fully integrates your payment processing and banking with CINC’s system, then this is the combination for you.

To learn more about this option, please click here.

AI Partner Banking.

If you want to integrate your banking with your current accounting software, we have a growing list of partner banks and accounting software systems that can provide you with the integration you seek.

To learn more about AI, please click here.

As much – or as little – of CINC as you need.

You can start with CINC and add AI later or vice versa. Talk to us and we’ll help you find the combination that is right for you.

Increase your productivity through our integration partners.

Thanks to our partnerships with other service providers, you can perform a multitude of related tasks within your CINC software. For example, thanks to our printing partners, you can use the data stored in CINC to create and print letters without leaving the system.

Here are just a few of our integration partners:
• Bank-A-Count
• LetterStream
• SouthData
• PayLease
• SenEarthCo
• Smartwebs
• Also see our growing network of partner banks

We’re always looking to enhance our offering by partnering with top companies, so don’t hesitate to refer us to a company you’d like us to explore.

Association Management Software